25 August, 2011

Malaysian Police Dept Develops Mobile App to Trigger Help Signal | Digital Dudette

I just heard about PDRM's My Distress application for smartphones. With this mobile app that's equipped with GPS,  users can signal for help in emergency situations using their smartphone. The signal will immediately be routed to the control rooms of the Selangor police headquarters and eight district police stations.

Signal for help using your mobile phone

I foresee many prank signals of people trying to 'test' or 'accidently' signaling the cops but I'm interested to know how the cops are going to curb false calls. Also, will be good to see how fast is the response time for this app. But overall, I think it's a great effort from the police department to invest and develop apps which are beneficial to the public. 

P/S: Much better use of fund compared to the 1Malaysia Email system which I still think is a complete waste of money.


  1. A good start from the PDRM to increase their service efficiency. Of course, every plan will have a negative point. Its how well you manage the problem in future that counts.

  2. I agree with you, and I do hope it picks up well. Atleast it makes me feel a little safer when I'm out alone.