About Digital Dudette

Hi, my name is Ruby Subramaniam and I’m working in a media agency specializing in digital advertising and search engine marketing (SEM). I graduated in Mass Communication, majoring in Media Studies from the Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC). I also have professional certificate for Digital Imaging in PJ’s College of Art & Design (PJCAD).

What's Dudette? Why Dude-tte?
Dudette is like dude. It just means a cool dude, the girl version. No particular reason to choose the name but my boss has the habit of using it to address me sometimes, so Digital Dudette seemed like a cool name for a new blog. It's pronounced as du-dɛt.

Why Infographics - From Awe to Passion
I used to create fancy charts and diagrams for work. Then, I was fascinated by infographics when I first saw it going viral around the web. And I thought why not start a new blog to feature my posts with better illustrated graphics? So that’s exactly what I did! Do check out my very first infographic here.

Why do I blog?
I’m not the cliché blogger that has quit her day job and made six figure pay checks by blogging from home. No, I don’t even get enough traffic to call myself the top XXX blog in Malaysia. Because I started blogging five years ago for fun since everyone was blogging. After that I was trying harder to blog because everyone was earning money from it. Now I blog simply to share what I know and build an online portfolio. I think that is more rewarding & challenging than just making a few bucks from Adsense, don’t you think so too?

But anyways, this isn't even my first blog. I think it's my 5th or 6th blog, I haven't really been keeping track because the first few initial ones were merely testing waters. My last recent blog, Talk Power provided me a stronger platform to build Digital Dudette. But there were few things I realised that it was working for me, hence the new blog. Here are 3 reasons why I chose to start a new blog.  

Here's my background - Where I studied, what I've done and achieved.

My Background - Infographic

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