30 June, 2013

Thoughts: Living with no regrets.

Just saw on Facebook notification that it's one of my mom's friend's birthday today. She was fighting cancer and was an inspiration to my mom to take care of herself better. Wanted to send her a message to wish her & tell her how much she helped my mom battle her illness, only to find out she had passed on. That's life isn't it? You go through day after day, thinking you have time to say things, to do what you always want to do. Truth is, we don't. 

Morbid way to start the second half of the year..but I want to push myself further to do things I'm not comfortable with, don't want no regrets. 

Gotta take life in my own hands. 

Dont want to keep living life to seek validation from others. Just living it for myself. At the very least, I'm gonna try.

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