05 July, 2011

Creating A New Blog: 3 Reasons Why I Chose To Start Fresh & What I Hope to Achieve with Digital Dudette

     I was previously blogging at Talk Power, the blog I started after joining my first full time job. My superior advised that starting a blog would help me train my thoughts and if it got good, it might even provide me job opportunities in future.

1. Focus
What didn’t work with Talk Power?
I didn’t have an exact concentration when I started Talk Power. I blogged from digital campaigns to online political news to chicken curry recipes and little art projects, not exactly with solid content. 

What I hope to achieve with Digital Dudette?
Content focused to digital marketing, particularly to review campaigns that ran in Malaysia, research and online political feud between the government and users.

2.Look & Feel  
What didn’t work with Talk Power?
Though I took a lot of effort in writing most of the post in Talk Power, I still feel the look and feel of the blog seemed cluttered. It involved too much of work to go back to old posts dated back to 2009 and re-tag each post so I decided to hit the eject button.

What I hope to achieve with Digital Dudette?
Cleaner feel with lots of white space and organized content.

What didn’t work with Talk Power?
Initially I created content based on seasonal topics which worked good to bring in very high spike of traffic while the issue was hot but as soon as interest died off, the traffic died off too.

What I hope to achieve with Digital Dudette?
To create ‘evergreen’ content to share what I’ve been learning over the years, hoping that it may serve as a guide to others. I’m planning to create more “how to” guides, infographic charts and series of posts.

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