11 June, 2011

Augmented Reality >> Cool Ideas for Marketing Campaigns in 2011 | by Digital Dudette

#1 Augmented Reality

The most innovative segment in Digital Marketing and perhaps one of the most over used word since last year, Augmented Reality has probably been exposed to plentiful of clients and how they could potentially create novelty in Malaysia by being one of the very few brands to use.

What is Augmented Reality?
I think one should first see an example of AR in a video before reading about it because words cannot tell you how cool it can be. Simply said, AR works by receiving input from your device (eg. webcam) and uses a technology to alter the reality in the output (eg. computer screen). Find out how it works in-detail in How Stuff Works.

Who’s used AR in Malaysia?
Perhaps one of the first to leverage on this technology is MAS Airlines, who developed the MHdeals AR App. It uses GPS to position airports around you and display the best Malaysian Airline deals. See the video below to learn how MAS Airlines used AR. 

My point of view.
The usage of AR is rather pointless in this app. As a user, if I’m travelling, my need to locate an airport nearby me sounds bit daft. Perhaps they could have taken a little more initiative to do an integrated campaign with print. For example, they could print a map of China and use AR to recognize the country, thus showing the users the latest promos MHdeals are offering to fly there.

Lesson to learn?
Though augmented reality is COOL, it SHOULD NOT be used if it doesn’t serve a distinctive purpose.

AR Success Story - Stella Artois Bar Finder App 
I love how the idea of AR technology was beautifully executed for Bar Finder app by Stella Artois. It’s serves a purpose, it’s convenient, it’s the reason why people would want to embrace AR. It’s lifestyle driven app to drive sales, what could beat that?


#NEW UPDATES (Nov 2011):
Latest adaptation of augmented reality in Malaysia.
1.F&N Big Fun Fest: Augmented Reality Dance in streets of KL.
Works pretty simple. You've got to show Kit Kat wrapper to the webcam, once the AR detects it, then you can use it to catch as many Kit Kats you can! 

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