28 October, 2011

Digital Dudette: Are Malaysian Bosses Embracing Social Media?

Here’s a poll done by The Star Online in August 2010  and 68% of them said that some (if not, all) of the social sites have been blocked in their working place. 

Following that, there was an article from The Star about “Net Surfing ‘Freedom’ Too Costly“. In short, the article states that:
  1. Employees on social networks are causing lost of productivity & money.
  2. Cuepacs advised civil servants against accessing social sites because they believe it’s distracting.
  3. Malaysian Employers Federation says BAN SOCIAL MEDIA!!!
  4. 54% of the companies in the US has already banned it.
  5. However, not all local businesses are against the use of social networking sites.

I personally think that this is a typical case of one man’s meat, the other man’s poison. Perception is not fact, hence how does one derive to a conclusion that social media is causing lack of productivity when tons of creative ideas are mostly shared via social media?

With more & more people worldwide embracing it, we’ll be at the losing end if we choose to shut it down instead of developing with it.

A post by Marshall Kirkpatrick says it well – using social media provides a mental break for employees, thus increasing productivity by a whopping 9%.

“The activity helps keep the mind fresh and helps put you in a better place when you come back to working on topic”, the scientists said.

And this 9% is merely the minimal increase as some users do productively use social media to share experiences that are work-related.

So it’s important to first study the motivation one has to use social media, before accusing that all pots are black.
This is a repost from TalkPower, my previous blog.

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