28 October, 2011

OPINION: Planning for Social Media Campaigns

As I was crafting my previous blogpost, Facebook's new metric to measure engagement and it spurred me to think about how publishers and media owners have been selling the idea of "viral" and social media "influence". 

I don't understand the logic behind selling/buying Facebook updates/tweets based on the number of fans/followers. Heck, it's like newspapers and magazines selling their ads on a value based on readership, not circulation/subscription. 

Fine, with that being traditional media, we have to make the assumption that you could potentially reach xxx number of people provided all readers flipped through every single page of the magazine and shared the paper/magazine with two other people. 

But we're talking about digital media where almost everything was supposed to be trackable, and it's a sad story to tell that we're tolerating this buying/selling media based on assumption. I would rather pay a minimal "ambassador-ing" cost + premium price on CPC once we're able to gauge how many people clicked on the "celebrity's" post. 

What would you prefer - pay per fan/follower or do you know of any other buy/sell methods?

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